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-- Dr. Jerome Jackson, 2002 (... & Agent Fox Mulder)

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


-- Don't Ask, Don't Tell?--


Emailers keep asking about various things/rumors... if I knew of anything impending I couldn't report it anyway, so not a lot of point in asking! But, I don't. Ground searches will be largely wound down by end of month, though various cameras/ARUs will remain up and monitored. Still awaiting a final report from Cornell's Mobile Team as to any thoughts from time spent in Florida. Don't know for sure, but I don't expect any significant results from the Auburn group in the Panhandle, nor from the Arkansas effort, nor from Texas. Tennessee of course indicated a few glimmers lately, but likely nothing conclusive. Similarly for South Carolina, and not certain they will even publicly release their findings. Don't know about Louisiana, but doubt there will be anything significant to report out of Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia. All just hunches, and not much point to emailing me for further info/answers that I don't have (though there are a few details I'm waiting to hear more about). Officials will report things on their own timetable as appropriate. Of course there are also some independent searchers out there who don't answer to the IBWO Working Group and can report more freely. And no, I don't know anything further about Bill Smith's supposed book either. Let's see, does that about cover it. Hope I'm wrong, and there's more to certain rumors than I've gotten wind of, but not holdin' my breath. Better to maintain low expectations and maybe be surprised, than the other way around.

Otherwise, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker just keeps getting around, showing up yesterday in the "The Huffington Post" of all places. Just a brief mention many paragraphs down in a rant from Harry Fuller, but since he seems to have gotten most of it right in his essay, perhaps he's right about our friend the IBWO.


This from "Icanhascheezburger" blog:

humorous pictures


Mr. Cyberthrush:

1. Are there reliable sightings of the IBWO during the leafy times of the year, and where?

2. Do you hear stories of people seeing IBWO on their own land but "not telling anyone" in order to ultimately avoid triggering the Endangered Species Act? This the implication of the Huffington Post article, but if this is the case, you'd think people would tell no one at all.

I prefer, 'Sir Cyberthrush' (...NO, just kidding, you can call me 'Shecky').

Seriously, historically, there are sighting claims from leafy times of year and on private lands where Gov't. intrusion is an issue... but as always, there will be unresolved debate over the 'reliability' of such claims.
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