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Monday, February 04, 2008


-- Snyder/Collins Redux --


Haven't touted it for awhile, so may be worth mentioning for newer readers that Noel Snyder's monograph "An alternative hypothesis for the cause of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker's decline," which argues that hunting/collecting was a greater factor than habitat loss in the decline of the species, is still available here for $25:


Meanwhile, Pearl River searcher Mike Collins will speak at New College in Sarasota, FL., on Thurs., Feb. 28, at 7 pm.
about Ivorybills and his own ongoing search efforts.

....and addendum to Sunday's post:

A few folks emailed me asking for the URL to Bill Smith's site --- for now I prefer not to give that out and direct more people to it (anyone wanting it badly enough can locate it through googling of course); if at a future point I think it worthwhile to send people there (for one or another reason) then I'll link to it.
Secondly, a couple of emailers asked about an Ivorybill photo of Bill's they saw referenced elsewhere, but couldn't find anywhere. That particular photo is not on Bill's site (he took it down long ago); I do have a copy of it on file and can send it as an attachment (~200 kb) to anyone really interested, but by itself, it settles nothing and is likely not worth the trouble.

Other avian stuff: PBS's "Nature" broadcasts "A Crash of Two Species" (horseshoe crabs and Red Knots) this coming Sunday (check your local listings). Should be good:



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