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Friday, February 15, 2008


-- Into the Weekend --


"Humminbird" over at an Ivory-bill thread on BirdForum reports that there is a "half day session" on the IBWO search during Saturday's "International Partners in Flight conference in McAllen, Texas," including "papers by Hill and some of the Cornell team." Probably nothing too new, but possibly some updates on the Texas search in particular.

--- Actually, I've found the program now and here is the description for the above session:
"There are continuing questions from people about the progress of the search, related
research, funding, and the status of pledged recovery efforts of the Ivory-billed
Woodpecker. This session would give us an opportunity to provide information to
interested participants from a wide geographic area. A 30- minute discussion at the
end will address “Where do we go from here?""
General website for the conference is here: http://www.partnersinflight.org/events/mcallen/program.htm

[ p.s. - if you're not already familiar with Partners In Flight, they're a conservation group definitely worth checking out. ]

ADDENDUM: a reader (thanks) points out to me a page of abstracts for all the talks/posters at the conference here:


VERY large pdf, with huge number and array of abstract topics; in a quick scan I noticed about 5 pertaining to the search for IBWO, so if you're lacking for reading material this weekend....


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