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Sunday, July 29, 2007


-- S. Carolinian Requests Assistance --


South Carolinian Rip Lyttle is requesting assistance in his search for Ivory-bills in both South and North Carolina in this verbatim post from IBWO Researcher's Forum (see original post for contact information or go here):

"i have heard and recorded multiple double knocks and one clear kent call this summer in south carolina ( two locations ) and north carolina, lake waccamaw drainage.
my knocks have been evaluated by auburn/ windsor and cornell teams. geoff hill, dan mennill and brian rolek all like my double knocks recorded in sparkleberry swamp, and waccamaw drainage this may, july as likely ibwo. brian rolek has heard my kent call from 3rd location and writes its the same as their kent calls recorded in the panhandle.

i need to spend most of august, half of september, all of october in these 3 swamps trying to get video footage of the double knockers. i ask interested field researchers, kayakers to come to sc and help in this search with me if they wish. i have room in my trailer for short stays and have much extra camping gear, tents, etc. i have an extra kayak and inflatable canoe/ trolling mtr. i have a 15' jon boat with 20 hp motor. i have extra cameras, vid & audio recorders. i need competent stalkers, kayakers and birders to press the search more efficiently in deeper swamps in these key areas to catch the bird with cameras.

i propose 3-4 day camping trips with recovery days at trailer in conway, sc, and back out again camping ( kayaking and boating too) doing multi-day searches. any times you can visit, help search would be helpful, appreciated.

lets get that clear video, folks!
rip lyttle in conway, sc."

Remember his video of several Ivory-bills, largely identified by gizz (and white trailing edges) that turned out to be blue jays?

He saw them. He had video. Why would you possibly be the tiniest bit excited by him hearing sounds?
I'm not "excited" but am interested in a couple of the locales he is exploring.
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