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Thursday, July 12, 2007


-- 3 Birds --


I don't think I'll be stealing any thunder from Birding Magazine if I say that guesses are now appearing around the Internet (and my email) for their bird photo quiz of the month. Guesses cut across the full range one might expect: cormorants, loons, herons, egrets, other shorebirds, various ducks or seabirds.
Haven't seen anyone thus far try to make a case for either IBWOs or Pileateds. To paraphrase an old saying of Louis Rukeyser, 'at least one thing is absolutely for certain: some of these guesses will be wrong.' Responders to Birding will build their cases more fully than responses posted on the Web, and I suspect it will eventually boil down to but a few key choices that cannot be further resolved (...is there a pattern here???).

Heyyy!! It's summertime, are we having fun yet...?

p.s. -- Just noticed that "Ivory-bill Septic" is apparently alive-and-well (even if his/her blog is not), and commenting over on Bill Pulliam's blog (...wherefore art thou Septic?):


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