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Friday, March 09, 2007


-- New BIRDING Articles & addendum --

Over at BirdForum Rick Wright has alerted people to a new Birding Magazine (from ABA) edition with several Ivory-bill related articles available on the Web:


I don't see anything particularly new here, other than Floyd Hayes' summation of his study of people's perceptions within this whole debate --- even here, in a quick once-over, I don't see much that wasn't fairly predictable, although it may still make for much water-cooler banter in some Ivory-bill quarters. Nonetheless, interesting (and good) to see the major birding forums (ABA) still spending so much time on this story, and on a closer read maybe I'll find something more significant to comment on therein.

Addendum: I've looked over the Hayes' piece a bit more closely now. I'm very skeptical of survey research in general, and even moreso when it's done over the Web, but having said that, it's a fun read with various nuggets to chew on --- of course it adds nothing substantive to the evidence for-or-against Ivory-bill persistence, so probably won't dwell on it further here, but will refer folks to the comments of Bill Pulliam over at his blog, since they mirror in part some of my own thoughts.

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