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Sunday, March 18, 2007


-- Lord God Bird Film et.al.--

Once again, back to John Trapp today, who has an interesting review of sorts of George Butler's unfinished "The Lord God Bird" documentary over at his "Ivorybillsetcetera" blog (just kidding):


I know several folks have gotten Geoff Hill's new Ivorybill book over the Web, but still hearing from others who can't find it in local bookstores, and last I heard even Dr. Hill hadn't yet received his copies from Oxford Press. Don't know what that's all about. Nor since chancing upon the one lone copy I purchased have I seen it in my own local area; so for those having trouble finding it apparently you're in good company.

Surely this coming week we'll get updates from both Auburn and the Cornell mobile team...?

And heyyy, what's happened to the Septic? Wherefore art thou Ivorybilled Septic??? I'm having to revert to 'Dilbert' for my daily chuckles.

Addendum: On a sad note, David Luneau notes that Larry Chandler, who was responsible for some of the most widely seen Ivory-bill art since the Arkansas rediscovery, died March 16 from pneumonia complications.

I am very sorry to hear the Larry passed away. I had spoken with Larry several times by phone and he seemed to be genuinely a good guy, in addition to being an outstanding and talented artist.

I know I will miss him.
Steve Sheridan
Regarding Geoff's book, I ordered it through Barnes and Noble on 3/12/07 and had it in hand on 3/17/07 (it actually arrived on 3/16).
Steve Sheridan
I got my copy from amazon.com a week ago.

It's possible that there were some production-related delays, but just because a book gets published, it's by no means guaranteed that it will show up in the major chains, especially if it's from a small or university press. Borders and Barnes and Noble have slightly different procedures for deciding whether to stock a book, but only a limited number of books (mostly from major publishers) will show up in all stores. I would guess that many of the regional sales people judged that [i]Ivorybill Hunters[/i] wouldn't sell very well and have declined to stock it. If people want to support the book, the best thing to do is order it from one of the chains. If you don't like the chains, order it from your local independent.

- MM in NY
I still haven't seen my book. I called the publisher after you announced that you had a copy. The publisher didn't know it was out. They asked how I knew and I said that Cyberthrush had a copy. Apparently books ship from the printer and that includes to Oxford and booksellers simultaneously. I suppose I'll get a look at the book one of these days, but it hasn't happened yet. Geoff
I haven't seen Geoff Hill's book in local book stores yet, either. But Amazon.com delieved a copy to my front door in less than 3 business days. It looks like an entertaining read.
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