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Monday, August 21, 2006


-- Wambaw Creek --

I'll just throw this out for what it's worth to the powers-that-be, and especially to those involved in the South Carolina searches. I have an acquaintance who has said for years, based both on rumors and his own knowledge of the area, that the Wambaw Creek area off the Santee in S.C. may well harbor Ivory-bills (parts of it are almost inaccessible). I trust this individual's gut instincts a lot, and mention the area because last spring's S.C. search seemed to focus only on the Congaree, so I'm not certain how much attention has been paid to the Santee, and specifically, the Wambaw area recently. Bob Russell makes mention of Wambaw Creek in his list of top areas and Jerry Jackson also speaks favorably of it in his volume.

As I mentioned in the stuff you linked to earlier, South Carolina has a vast quantity of extensive bottomland forests, encompassing many river basins. The Congaree is just the tip of the iceberg!
Wambaw Creek is just south of Wadmacon Island which was a vertible hotbed of IBWO activity in the last century. One could do a lot worse for habitat in searching these areas. PM me for more info.
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