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Thursday, August 24, 2006


-- Still More Luneau Analysis --

Can't let Bill Pulliam's hard work go to waste, so I'll refer folks again to his ongoing further analysis of the Luneau video (which most know I'm exasperated with); the Mon. Aug. 21 entry, including comments, is particularly interesting; but again I think Bill is simply proving my point that nothing can be finally resolved by this film clip (...or it would've been by now!). And I'll stick by my own conclusion that even if the bird in question is a muscovy duck ; - ))), it barely makes a twit of difference to the overall Cornell evidence.
For the sake of accuracy and consistency though I do wish henceforth the birding community would require videotaping and field notes of all birds counted and turned in on future Christmas counts (sheeesh... talk about brief sightings and unverified data!).


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