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Thursday, August 17, 2006


-- 1 Year Ago Today --

Below is a verbatim copy of a post I made exactly one year ago (Aug. 17, 2005), worth repeating I think, because these 21 sightings represent only the tip of the iceberg of Ivory-bill reports over the years, and yet clearly indicate the potential breadth of distribution of this species, so hastily written off (again and again and again). Please show me a map of the credible reports of Passenger Pigeons or Carolina Parakeets over that same time period. I suspect the difference would be stunning, and telling:
"Planning your next IBWO search?: here's a link to a nice range map from Birder's World Magazine listing 21 of the most notable Ivorybill sightings since 1944 (out of 100's of reports that have been made over that time -- there have, for example, been many more rumors of IBWOs in Texas, South Carolina, and Louisiana than herein indicated). Map does illustrate how IBWO sightings have been distributed across a large chunk of the species' old range, and certainly not confined to any one state or area."
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