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Friday, April 14, 2006


-- This and That... --

Someone in a 'comment' farther down makes reference to the URLs, www.ivorybilled.org and www.ivorybilled.net, which had come up from a different commenter some time back; these domain names (and possibly others), as I understand it, were acquired early on by Cornell before they knew for sure which URLs they would actually most utilize (they would naturally want to gain possession of many of the pertinent URLs ahead of time) -- I don't know (and doubt) that they have any special use in mind for these addresses. If anyone knows better and wishes to correct me feel free.

CAUTION... CAUTION... oh yeah, and CAUTION... I hesitate to even report this, but I did recently become aware of 2 more Ivorybill sightings in the Big Woods, on April 7 and April 9, which include sight and sound info, and still photographs (bird in fllight), which unfortunately once again are not definitively decipherable as IBWO. The party involved was independent of Cornell but made a full report to Cornell. April will likely be a month of several reports/claims/rumors/hearsay and once again I'll preach patience until we get Cornell's assessment in May of the quality of the various sightings they have had turned in (and it may be well passed May before they have their reams of acoustic data fully analyzed).

Cyberthrush, Hi

Can you say if this report came from Bayou de View or WRNWR, and how they described the bird. Field Marks.

Thank You, Peter
First, I mentioned this report only for 2 reasons: 1) to indicate that sightings are still being turned in from the area (and acoustic data gathered), despite the implication by some skeptics that Cornell has gathered nothing of value during the winter search, and 2) of the tiny handful of reports I get in private email it is the most detailed I have received, involving multiple observers, multiple days, some physical and sound description,some photos, and other specifics. It is from professional individuals who appear sincere and confident in what they report.
Having said that, I simply DON'T KNOW the birding skill level of the folks involved -- at least one of them comes from a part of the country where Pileateds don't prevail, so I don't know the degree of their experience with Pileateds (let alone aberrant Pileateds), though they do mention seeing them in the Bayou.
The sightings were along the Cache R. (Bayou de View). I believe the first sighting (Apr. 7) may have involved a foraging bird, but not certain of this. The Apr.9 sighting was a flying bird, 20-25 yds. away, for 9-12 secs. Shape, size, bill color, trailing white wing edges, black leading edges, white lines on back,and black head (female), are all mentioned (also, prior to sighting a tooting call heard in area, and some drumming). Obviously a good sighting IF all is accurate, and I assume Cornell has passed some judgment on the 'quality' of the sightings from their standpoint(the photos are an undecipherable blurrrr).
I know 'true believers' are grasping for every scrap of info that is available, but again reiterate that we will simply need to await Cornell's assessment of this, and all their other reports or data, from this season.
That you Cyberthrush, I'm just been really interested in this bird since the discovery last year was announced. I'm interested in birds but don't really bird myself much, except for looking at what I see around town and reading books. This is just such a fascinating story, I'm also intrigued by other reports including Mike Collins video (which shows very Ivory billish characters) and some of the posts on birdforum by Jesse Gilsdorf about sightings or calls/double knocks in an area he is searching. Anyway thanks, and like your site.

Thanks cyberthrush, keep up the good work, I really am fascinated by the interesting reports. Professional individuals should make the sighting credible and multiple observers is important.

One other thing I find interesting is why there appears to be more skepticism about the sound recordings, since Cornell has been analysing them, comparing them to known calls of Ivory bills, and to Blay Jay kents recorded by observers, and found them to be different. I would thus have to consider the calls (and knocks) at least to be very suspicious.

Well anyway, Thanks and carry on.
I believe that these sightings are the definitive proof that we have all been seeking.
Definitive proof is not sightings. Definitive proof is tangible and can be studied at leisure.

Apparently the son of a top lister had a sighting of a female north of Hwy 17 bridge a couple months ago. Sightings of females are harder to dismiss as Pileateds.

Still no one will be convinced without definitive photos or videos.
All I meant was that you can't get much more definitive than multiple bad sightings.
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