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Monday, April 10, 2006


-- BirdForum Post, and a Quick Disclaimer --

Thought this post today on BirdForum from "Humminbird" succinctly covered some important points and deserved a wider audience:


And as a side note just a general disclaimer since this comes up occasionally in email I receive from folks assuming I have posted a "comment" under the "anonymous" heading: ALL comments I post on the topic of Ivory-bills both in this blog and the few times I post elsewhere on the Web are written under the "cyberthrush" name; I don't post under any other name or anonymously (of course, often anonymous posters do write things that reflect my own thoughts on a matter)... just for the sake of clarification.


I agree that finding these birds (and to get good documentation) will require finding a active roost site or nest. Why can't people understand that finding a few birds in such a large area of forest would be this difficult. But one of the problems I have with Tanner's study is how he came up with the estimate of only around 22 birds left in the late 30's in the entire US with most being in the Singer Tract? For a bird that he himself considered elusive and needing local wardens to help him find how could he know how many and in how many localities the birds were left?

But the main thing that's been bothering me about this is why has Cornell (and especially critics) focused so much on the Luneau video as the main evidence or lack of it) and not for example on Bobby Harrison's and the sightings and sound recordings. Mike Collins video should have some analysis as well?? Shouldn't all potentially promising info be examined?

Thanks, Peter
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