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Friday, April 21, 2006


-- Light Weekend Fare --

We'll approach the weekend on a light note -- a recently published poll ranked the "most beautiful" birds in North America and I was a bit surprised (considering how few of us have seen one) that the Ivory-bill made it onto the list which ran as follows from the referenced article:
"Just as People magazine annually crowns the most beautiful people, six of the nation's leading ornithologists have selected the most beautiful birds in North America. There were several ties, so 15 birds emerged as winners: <>

1. Scarlet tanager
2. Blackburnian warbler
3. Golden-winged warbler

4. Prothonotary warbler

5. Baltimore oriole

6. Green jay; swallow-tailed kite; wood duck

7. Harlequin duck

8. Chestnut-sided warbler

9. Magnolia warbler

10. Hooded warbler; ivory-billed woodpecker; northern cardinal; painted bunting"

One could certainly debate over which species did and didn't make the cut (although I think generally it's a pretty fair list), and with some additional sightings and glossier video/photos, a few years hence the Ivory-bill may be even higher up in the rankings!

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