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Thursday, November 03, 2005


-- News Forthcoming or Blackout? --

Ivory-bill enthusiasts have all looked forward to the current resumption of the Cornell search in hopes of more news coming forth. Possibly though we should be prepared for the exact opposite effect: with so many of those most interested in the IBWO likely involved in the search and thus under the auspices of Cornell, they will have much LESS freedom to report information or even speculation than previously (I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing but just a fact of the situation). It's conceivable the next few months could be even slower for public news than the last couple months. David Luneau has previously written that he, and possibly others, plan to post updates on the search at The Nature Conservancy site:
It will be interesting to see just how frequent and informative any such reports are.

Otherwise, there are still many more talks/presentations on the Ivory-bill scheduled around the country so it is worth checking here from time to time for any coming to your area:

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