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Friday, November 18, 2005


-- Back To The Pearl --

Among the many folks out searching for Ivory-bills right now is Mike Collins (not associated with Cornell, and therefore more free to report whatever he so chooses) who is exploring the general Pearl River area (not Arkansas), believing he has previously heard IBWO near the Stennis Space Center, as have others. You can follow his updates at:


Despite the failure of the previous LSU search in the Pearl many (including Van Remsen who headed up that endeavor) believe it still holds great promise -- I personally always thought the Bogue Chitto area in particular was a likely home for Ivory-bills and was admittedly surprised by the 2002 failure to turn them up there. Could still be a little while though for the leaves to entirely fall from the trees permitting good visibility, and keep in mind too that Ivory-bill courting/breeding activity could likely begin early in the new year.

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