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Saturday, November 26, 2005


-- Imperial Woodpecker Update --

Not too promising -- The following note from John Spencer was posted on a Mexican birding listserv a few days past summarizing his recent search for the Imperial W. in an area it had been purportedly spotted a short time back:
"I am now home in La Ribera, Baja Calif Sur. A ten day round trip to El
Furete and Copper Canyon now over. I spent the time looking for the Imperial Woodpecker.
Spent four days carefully searching the area that my friends (Ron and
Sarojam Mankau) sighted the Imperial. I personally covered the area
from Divisadero to Posada Barranca, from road to rim (about 4 miles by
about 1 mile). Did not sight the bird and did not I find any 'old
growth' snags/trees that had nesting/resting sites. All along the rim
is second growth, with few/no old growth trees. Not prime habitat.
On the Friday morning (18th) Greg Homel checked into the Mirador
Hotel. Greg has the time, resources and skill to find the bird. He is
a 'pro' and has been looking for this bird for twenty years. I pass
the 'baton' on to him and wish him all the luck in the world. I'm just
a plain old birdwatcher and really have neither the skill or resources
to continue the search.
I believe that the bird has left the sighting area, and Greg will find
her by searching the proper habitat. I have no doubt that the bird is
in the area, I couldn't find it as much as I wanted to.
Let's wish Greg all the luck in the world.
If you want a more complete report of my trip I'll post it on
www.bajajohn.com in the next couple of days. Or email me and I'll
attach a copy in reply.

Bajabirdwatcher ... John Spencer"


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