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Sunday, August 07, 2005


- Killing Trees at Big Woods??? -

Last week as part of the IBWO recovery effort team members began killing selected trees in Arkansas' Big Woods area by 'girdling', as well as with herbicide use, in hopes of creating more food (wood boring beetles that only utilize old dead trees) for any IBWOs present. Of course any remaining Ivory-bills have made it this far without any artificial human intervention, and one must wonder whether such intrusive (and no doubt noisy) human activity might be more deleterious (in 'spooking' the birds) than helpful. Hopefully, this is a venture that may help and won't harm but... I wonder???

I don't believe girdling or selective herbiciding would be noisy. The human footsteps, talking, etc... would be noisy I guess. Tanner recommended selectively killing trees in his book. With the supression of fire and the removal of dead trees in many areas ("healthy forests!") the IBWO might need the extra help.
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