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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


- Acoustic Evidence???... NYET!! -

Cornell released some of their acoustic evidence earlier today -- possible IBWO 'double knocks' and 'kent' calls recorded by automatic recording devices in the AR. Big Woods. You can go to their site and work through 'latest updates' to download the samples -- I would give a more direct link to it EXCEPT frankly I'm not sure it's worth it! Despite reading several favorable, positive comments about the recordings on internet chat groups (and possibly there's some problem with my machine or sound system or the way it downloaded), from what I glean off the tapes I DON'T believe these are recordings of IBWO double raps (the rhythm/timbre/sharpness is NOT right -- it was not right from the get-go for the recording made at Pearl River 3 years ago either, and I was always surprised Cornell spent so much effort before concluding that). The 'kent' sounds are more ambiguous, but for the moment I'm doubtful that they originate from Ivory-bills either (...are these the SAME recordings that Prum/Robbins heard prompting their sudden retraction!??)
Of course, I hope I'm wrong and that a better, different download will convince me otherwise, but for now I fear these released recordings only serve to muddy the waters yet further, and stand no chance of bringing resolution between differing viewpoints. It will be interesting to learn what folks actually attending the AOU meeting thought of the recordings (and accompanying talk) vs. those of us hearing only an internet version.

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