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Friday, February 08, 2013


-- IBWO Nests Difficult To Find In 2010… AND, In 1905 --


A bit ago a poster at Ivory-bill Researchers Forum linked to an old but nice IBWO account from R.D. Hoyt in Florida from 1905, and another poster later transcribed it to the site. It's an interesting read, and I was hoping to put it together with some other passages addressing the historical wariness and evasiveness of IBWOs for a longer post here, but just don't have the time to pull that all together right now, so won't delay any longer sharing the original Hoyt piece with any who haven't already seen it. It begins as follows:
"Among all the feathered tribe [ if ] there is a bird whose nest is more difficult to locate than that of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker it belongs to some species with which I am unacquainted," and later references the Ivory-bill as the "shyest and most cunning" of all bird species (...like we don't all know that by now ;-)). Check it out:



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