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Friday, February 04, 2011


-- Rohrbaugh on Podcast --


The second half of an interview with Ron Rohrbaugh of Cornell is up at The Wilderness Center, reviewing the Ivory-bill search situation here (starts at about the 22-minute point, podcast #96):


I didn't previously link to the first half of this interview because frankly it seemed like largely 'softball-ish' answers to 'softball-ish' questions, but if you wish to hear it, it starts at around the 27-minute point here (podcast #95):


The second half is better, with a little more depth, though still nothing new that hasn't already been well-reported. Cornell is likely trying to set the stage for the report they say they will issue before year's end summarizing the multi-year search-effort for the IBWO.
For any who missed it, the US Fish and Wildlife Service 2010 final summary plan for Ivory-bill recovery is available for download (pdf) from their site:



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