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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Saturday, January 01, 2011


-- Happy 2011 and Techie Problems --


JUBILANT NEW YEAR!!... sorta (when technology isn't a pain-in-the-...)

...heard from a few folks about the odd recent glitch of blog-text being invisible on posts here until one drags the cursor across the area making it appear (also, the heading/title and left-hand side-column may not be appearing properly)... mostly a problem for people using Internet Explorer, but if anyone is having similar problems with any other browser please let me know that. Luckily things appear fine in most browsers and for most readers.

Also, if anyone is using IE and having NO such problems with the blog, please let me know which version you're using, although I suspect all versions are affected.

My first suggestion is to switch to the Firefox browser (or other choices) in place of IE (for more reasons than I care to discuss! -- ya shoulda done so long ago ;-)). Here's the free download site for Firefox:


If you're using IE it may also help some to reduce the size-view to the smallest size that is still readily legible for you. I'll be working on the problem, but have no idea if/when I'll figure out the corrective measure needed.

If one of you HTML (or it may be a CSS problem?) whizzes can describe for me what to look for in the source code to find and correct this sort of problem (invisible text; post-titles & footers are fine) please email me (cyberthrush@gmail.com) --- so far as I can tell, I only played with 2 lines that seemed to initiate the problem, and off-hand I don't see the problem in either line myself. Oy veyyy....
I like reading your blog, but if my choice is between moving to a new browser and not reading your blog, I'll choose the latter.

You seem to be experimenting with colors. Many people have difficulty seeing certain combinations of colors. Everyone can read plain white or black text.
hi Julian, no, haven't changed any colors at all... in fact, the only changes made are the addition of a photo in the header and reverting the title-font to what it was several years ago (going from comic sans back to papyrus) -- why that is affecting text in posts is what I haven't figured out???
Today (2 Jan) everything is OK as far as I can tell. All text is readable on a white background. The links in the left column are way down at the end of the posts, but that doesn't bother me.
thanks for report Julian... I've put in a fix to make text readable in IE, although depending what version you're using there will still be differences. Left-hand column can often be brought up by decreasing the default text-size or "zooming out."
Eventually, I need to try again to make certain changes, but have had enough of fighting with IE for now -- it's a slow, unstable, insecure, clunky browser, used by a minority of readers.
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