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Saturday, April 17, 2010


-- 'nuther "Ghost Bird" Review --


Corey at "10000 Birds" blog has a review of Scott Crocker's award-winning "Ghost Bird" independent film today:

A few comments about what's in the film:

Cornell has video of an Imperial Woodpecker climbing up a tree and flying off. Apparently they won't show it around, even to the curator of the Yale's ornithology collection. Strange.

I agree with "10000 Birds" that we should be able to find out specifically which other wildlife programs were robbed to pay for the recent ivory-bill efforts ($10M?). Surely, someone can post a few examples anonymously and get it started. It's important to know. This saga hasn't ended, and the funding issue will likely come up again.

Harvard has "about" 61 specimens. That's up to 30 mated pairs (why shoot one when you can shoot two?). Wow! Regardless of how Harvard managed to acquire 61 specimens, they're a great candidate as the source of the next $10M.
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