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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


-- Cornell Summaries --


Cornell has posted a brief summary statement at their Ivory-bill homepage here:


with links in the left-hand column to further info --- the top link, "Final Reports" does bring up summary reports (pdfs for download) for certain searched areas in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida. I haven't had a chance to read through them yet, but assume they will offer much more of the detail that has been sorely lacking in their previous online material. I hope they might in time be posting summary reports for other areas (in South Carolina and Mississippi particularly, but others as well), but don't know what their plan is.

Final Reports: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/folder.2010-04-20.2993097079/

May have more to say about the reports later as I make my way through them, or about Cornell more generally in a later post.

And for those emailing me (you can stop) about Mike Collins' press release, yes, I'm aware of it... and I'll comment on it or link to it, if-or-when I feel news warrants it.
I am forced to wonder, if the "rediscovery" had taken place somewhere else, and Cornell had applied the same habitat suitability criteria and consequent search effort in Arkansas that they have applied in La. and Florida, would they have found any indications at all of ivory-bills being there? I can't help but notice that their touted "Sapsuckers," who searched intensively for a month on Bayou DeView in Mar 2004, had no sightings.
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