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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Saturday, July 25, 2009


-- Watching Grass Grow --


This weekend marks the 4th anniversary of the start of this blog... Time flies when you're having fun! After averaging almost 5 posts/wk. over that entire time, things seem sure to slow down heading into blog year #5. Things are sluggish, as well, over at the "IBWO Researchers Forum" for the time being.

Sessions/papers for the national AOU Meeting next month in Philadelphia are now posted on the Web, and also as expected, I see nothing directly related to Ivory-bills (one presentation relates to Pileated Woodpecker ecology in what could be IBWO habitat).

Bill Pulliam has promised over at his "Notes From Soggy Bottom" blog to begin reporting next month on some of the findings/experiences of those who searched western Tennessee for certain big black-and-white woodpeckers over the last two years. It would be interesting of course to hear directly from specific team participants in other key states, as well.

Mike Collins reports he is headed back to the Pearl "soon."

And, in general, still a lot of loose ends to tidy up, hopefully before summer is over and the winter season is again upon us.
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