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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


-- Article Update --


Article from the "Cornell Chronicle" summarizing the Ornithology Lab's conclusions to date --- nothing new for those who've been following the search all along. Although no further plans for future searching appear in the works, Cornell says it will stay "connected" to the effort and "engaged" in the process. A scholarly book on the entire effort is also likely in the offing at some point. Otherwise, the summer summary report for this season (whenever it appears) will likely be the last account we hear
for awhile from official sources that offers additional details and findings.
Don't know of any specific IBWO material being scheduled for next month's national AOU meeting in Philadelphia (other than possibly some related studies on Pileated Woodpecker ecology in the Southeast).

Critics will no doubt see all of this as Cornell trying to tiptoe gracefully away from the story. Time will tell...
Again, it's difficult to imagine how any future sightings, without a carcass or crystal clear photo accompanying, will be taken seriously.
Reminds one a bit of the old line from the classic Peggy Lee song: "Is That All There Is?". . . . .
(...I do expect to be around here for at least one more year reporting whatever there is to report.)

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