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Monday, May 04, 2009


-- Readers' Reports --


Nothing particularly new or significant in the sightings reports I've received from readers, but here goes.

Only 7 responses that I'll summarize:

3 sightings from Arkansas, 3 from Florida and 1 from Louisiana, all between 2005-08, and all ranked as "certain" or "somewhat certain" (I decided not to include a couple of reports rated as "1's" which didn't seem very compelling, and of course no auditory reports included). I believe 1-2 of these 7 claims have not been reported to official sources, but the remainder have all been reported to Cornell, though not always mentioned otherwise on the Web.

Some clarifications:

For the most part these 7 reports represent only responses to my specific inquiry... many individuals who read this blog from time-to-time and who have made past claims did not respond directly to the post, and so were not included (as I couldn't decide where to draw the line between who to include and who not to). So for example, Mike Collins' well-known claims are not part of the seven, nor most of the original Cornell or Auburn claimants, nor any of a couple dozen other folks with past reports that readily come to mind (indeed, though there are dozens of claims prior to 2005, none were sent in, and also surprising that only 3 states were represented). It is possible a few claimants may have felt constrained by confidentiality agreements from reporting anything to a blog. Thus, a great many known reports are missing here; on-the-other-hand I was happy to hear of a couple of claims I was not previously aware of.

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