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Saturday, April 25, 2009


-- Weekend --


As long as we're doing scenic tours, may as well take a look at the Big Woods of Arkansas courtesy of Allan Mueller:

Otherwise, maybe overdue for some updates from somewhere (or NOT)....

Nothing new on B. Harrison's blog or the BirdForum IBWO thread in almost 4 wks.
Been a week since Rich Guthrie updated his Arkansas search entries.
Been 2 wks. since any update from Mike Collins.
No new posts on the IBWO Researchers Forum for 4 days.
No further word from Gary Erdy since he last said he was considering relaunching his website.
No update from the ACONE people regarding their camera system in Bayou de View in a long time (I know it's been down for a long while, but they still could update their site once-in-a-while).
Nothing official out of S. Carolina since Cornell arrived there.
No report (via BirdingAmerica) from Bob Russell's February trip to the Choctawhatchee (...nor has he sent along a new Top 10 list of locales to search).
Last update from Choctawhatchee 10 weeks ago.
And of course nothing publicly disclosed from other search states, as the season draws toward a close (though, no end to chatter).


Cornell is done in SC. Got nothing.
Mike Collins hot zone went cold this year.
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