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Thursday, April 30, 2009


-- Misc. --


The search season is winding down and given officials' past tendency of taking longer and longer to compose a summary document when there was less and less to report, I suspect we may not get a synopsis of the current season before around 2013 :-(
We may have a "Swine-flu Skeptic Blog" out of Minnesota to read before much official news on the 2008-9 search season appears...

To all those asking me about Rich Guthrie (no updates in 2 wks.) I don't have a clue, but no, I don't believe the silence has anything to do with IBWO encounters; more likely just limited time and internet access.
I'm expecting a long slow summer ahead.

Midnight Saturday is more-or-less the deadline for anyone wishing to report a past IBWO sighting to me for my current tally per the 4/26 post.

A series of pics are posted at Bobby Harrison's IBWO blog from their last endeavor in Arkansas' Big Woods deploying Ivory-bill decoys.

For now I've taken 'Gary Erdy's site' off the left-hand links; even if he re-launches his site, I suspect it may be with a different URL. And have moved Bill Pulliam's blog from the 'links' section down to the short blogroll section.

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