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Sunday, December 21, 2008


-- Mary Scott on Tape --


Mary Scott interview excerpt from the "Ghost Bird" documentary movie now available here:


Mary is the rather non-conventional/controversial Ivory-bill searcher who many credit with actually instigating in many ways the widespread interest in modern searches for the species (she formerly ran the popular BirdingAmerica website, which she has since taken down). Tim Gallagher devoted a chapter of his book, "The Grail Bird," to her. The "Bob" she repeatedly refers to in the film clip is "Bob Russell" of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and another long-time Ivory-bill researcher.

Addendum: well, leave it to Google; just discovered parts of "The Grail Bird" are online, including the chapter on Mary, here.

Mary says, "Cheryl [sp?] found the birds in Florida." Do you know anything more about this statement?
Cheryl works in Fla. but I believe, [and I could be mistaken about this] her quote is actually in reference to the "horse whisperer" person 'divining' that the birds were in another state (which I won't name in case I'm wrong about this) -- can anyone confirm or disconfirm that interpretation of the quotation? Cheryl or Mary perhaps, ya out there reading this???
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