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Monday, December 01, 2008


-- '08-'09 Arkansas Search Commencing --


Article here (or here) on the upcoming scaled-back search for Ivory-bills in Arkansas this winter, headed up by wildlife biologist Alan Mueller of previous endeavors. Happily surprised to read there will be 26 volunteers and 3 "expert field biologists" involved --- didn't actually expect that many participants this go-around. (And presumably there will also be a 'Mobile Team' afoot as well, mostly outside Arkansas.) As reported earlier, a $50,000 reward potentially awaits some lucky claimant...

Are there details available for Mueller's 2007 sighting?
Mueller's brief sighting of a bird in flight is cited in the 2006-7 Search Summary Report(pg. 17, pdf.) here:


He also mentions it briefly, a few mins. into an NPR radio interview, available here:

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