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Saturday, September 20, 2008


-- Old Reading Material --


A couple of emailers in last month have suggested that an official extended summary report of last season's Ivory-bill search might not be publicly released this year. Don't know if that's true or not --- and if true, don't know if that would be a reflection of a paucity of significant findings from last season, or rather because the quick burst of cynicism that now follow such reports make it less worthwhile to issue one (I'd think however, that legally, this type of Federally-sponsored work requires routine public disclosure in summary form).

In any event, while awaiting such a report, or the start of 2009 searching, LAST year's summary can be viewed here (as a pdf). I imagine any summary from this year will read quite similarly in its conclusions, though with dwindling funds, a smaller number of state areas may be included for future study efforts.

And the much longer (180 pg. pdf.) "Draft Recovery Plan" is available here, if you need more reading material to review while awaiting news.

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