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Sunday, September 14, 2008


-- IBWO Foundation Update --


Bobby Harrison's Ivory-billed Woodpecker Foundation blog has now been updated after an extensive lapse, here. Bobby is continuing to focus on certain areas with additional signs/sounds from Arkansas, while reviewing images captured by automatic cameras. Thanks for the update, Norma.
The official IBWO Recovery Team apparently met in Atlanta the first week of this month in preparation for the upcoming search season.

If someone deserves the honor of photographing the the IBWO, it's Bobby.
Agreed! And there are several others + who are just as deserving. But I am sure those who have dedicated so much of their lives and energy to the search would just like a confirmed sighting to take place somewhere by someone , anyone!
Anon 11:14 here, and I agree with you Anon 12:17. I'd like to try myself someday. But the suspense is killing me! It has to be frutrating to all of those who are out there looking all the time.
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