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Sunday, September 23, 2007


-- A Few Spots Here and There --


From the analysis compiled for the official IBWO Draft Recovery Plan, here are some of the areas mentioned, state-by-state, as potentially worth a further look-see for presence of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker:

Alabama: stretches of the Tombignee, Alabama, Sipsey, and Buttahatchie River systems


White River NWR
Cache River NWR
Wattensaw WMA
Bayou Meto WMA
Dagmar WMA
Benson Creek Natural Area
Rex/Hancock/Black Swamp WMA
Steve Wilson/Raft Creek Bottoms WMA
Henry Gray/Hurricane Lake WMA
Bald Knob NWR


Apalachicola and Chipola River swamps
regions of the Aucilla, Wacissa, Wekiva, and lower Suwannee River watersheds
Fort Drum Swamp
Fakahatchee Strand
Big Cypress National Reserve

(Choctawhatchee and Escambia river systems should also be included here but are not part of the analysis.)


Ogeechee-Savannah River basin
Altamaha River Basin
Okefonokee Swamp
Red Hills Region


Atchafalaya River Basin
Pearl River Basin
Tensas River NWR and Big Lake WMA


Pascagoula, Mississippi, and Pearl River floodplain areas
Delta National Forest
Panther Swamp NWR

North Carolina: Waccamaw and Lumber River drainage areas, and Cape Fear River system

South Carolina:

Congaree-Wateree-Upper Santee River region
Savannah River and lower Santee River
Waccamaw drainage complex


stretches of Hatchie River
Chickasaw NWR
Meeman Shelby State Park
Reelfoot Lake

Texas: lower stretches of Neches, Sabine, and Trinity Rivers

(Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma were not considered in the analysis).

....oughta keep some folks busy for awhile longer.

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