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Sunday, June 24, 2007


-- Birders World Redux --


Might be a good time to review again some of the past Ivory-billed sightings of merit (there are 100's more claims, but these are a few of the more credible reports over the last several decades), as noted in this old Birders World article:


I believe #13 is in error, or at least Jackson was not the observer so far as I'm aware. [edit: it IS correct as noted in comments below] What is important to recognize is the full range of territory these sightings cover (and none of the past reports from South Carolina are even included here, despite now being a hub of interest), and the implications that even this very limited survey has for how much searching may yet be called for.


what about all the sightings from Oregon, Ontario, etc.

Should we search there too?
sounds like an excellent assignment for you -- you da man for da job!!
I believe #13, was Malcom Hodges (his grad student) & Jerry Jackson. They got kent responses to a tape. But didn't see a bird
no, the Hodges/Jackson encounter was in 1987; I don't believe Jackson was involved in any Noxubee sighting in 1973.
Jackson reports seeing an ivory-bill along the Noxubee River in Alabma in 1973 according to his book. Another in long line of suggestive glimpses of a bird flying away though.
THANKS for that!... found it finally in the Introduction... Jackson has often made reference to his possible sighting of the species in Cuba (late 80's), but I've never seen any emphasis on this possible 1973 sighting before... yes, "another in a long line..."
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