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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


-- Yet Another Sighting (Arkansas) --

New York birder Richard Guthrie reports seeing an Ivory-bill in Arkansas while volunteering for Cornell in April. Look for his original post here:


Thus far, few details given, but note he says he will be on a NY NPR station tomorrow to tell more, or go to the May 8th entries here for more info:


Addendum: Rich has added another post now at the above listserv including a few of the details already available at his blog (still, a lot of details missing) --- I would think the NPR program tomorrow might flesh out more specifics, or maybe Cornell will post their own summary of the sighting at their site (and maybe even ACONE will update their site at some point!! ; - ) Still awaiting possible news from one other state as well as summer approaches.

Hi Cyberthrush,

What do you think of this siting? Do you know the birder? My kids are following Ivory Bill sitings desperately; I think people being raised in a global warming world really need some good environmental news. We can't wait for the NPR interview.
the sighting appears to have much credibility, though I'm still waiting to hear certain additional details; doesn't really even matter, since by now there have been enough reputable sightings, just awaiting a photo... there has never been a thorough, coordinated search for the species across the Southeast that came up empty-handed --- and without that there is NO evidence whatsoever to support a claim of the species' extinction (NEVER has been), despite what you read.
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