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Thursday, May 03, 2007


-- Moving Toward the Weekend --

Dr. Hill has posted what is likely his next to last post for this search season here. Nothing significant to report. Sounds like much of the last few weeks will involve foot searches along the Choctawhatchee. Listening deployments will end come the last of May (and Dr. Mennill is out of the country, delaying release of some of the acoustic analysis). With luck, camera deployments will continue through the summer. Hill hopes to release a summary of the season's efforts as soon as possible in the summer, and will be speaking at the August AOU conference in Wyoming on their findings. His reports and updates have generally been far more punctual than Cornell's.
Speaking of which, the ACONE update of automatic remote camera findings in the Big Woods, promised for May 1, has yet to appear (not sure why they even announced a precise date, if there was any uncertainty as to fulfilling it?). Cornell's Big Woods' season also officially over (camera deployment continuing there as well).
While there is some chatter coming out from another locale at present, such is the case every few months, so nothing I'd call substantive as yet, and of course independent searchers will be continuing various efforts in other habitats.

What we have now is no longer the saga of, or obsession over, a single species, but rather a lesson in how real science proceeds and plays out when allowed to. It's a story (determining the existence of a species) that in large measure has barely begun and could go on for quite awhile (...or, be over soon, with but a single photo), and it is critical in it's longer-term ramifications. All "science" includes unprovable assumptions and no "science" includes 100% certainty... ever. But possibly more on all of that later.
from the Web Grab Bag:

Australian cockatoos are probably my fa-a-a-avorite birds in the world. This touching, several-paged story of a pair hopscotched around the internet quite awhile back, but in case you missed it:



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