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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


-- Independent Searchers --

Yesterday I mentioned that independent searcher Richard Lyttle was asking for help with his searches for IBWOs in South Carolina. In the past, Jesse Gilsdorf has sought helpers for intriguing habitat he covers in southern Illinois, and of course Mike Collins has requested others search areas of the Pearl River, Louisiana, where he has sighted Ivorybills. Additionally now, Jerry Condrey, who, with another fisherman, claims sighting of a pair of Ivorybills back in 2004 in the Green Swamp area of SE North Carolina, is also seeking assistance for further exploration of that habitat.

If any readers are able and interested in aiding any of these folks send me your name and contact info and I'll forward it to the appropriate person. Or if any other of the many serious independent searchers out there would like to be mentioned here as seeking assistance just let me know, especially if you are in an area not frequently associated with Ivorybill searches.

I have to admit I would be at least mildly flabbergasted, but obviously delighted, if an independent researcher is able to accomplish what an academic institution or government agency, with their resources and base of funding, has been unable to do, and attain the first definitive, indisputable documentation for the species. Go for it!

Don't know why you would be flabbergasted at all.

In my view, documentation by a passionate, independent researcher is how it is most likely to happen.
maybe "flabbergasted" was too strong a term, but it reflects my view that there have been enough searchers to find this bird over the last 5 decades, but what has been lacking are truly large-scale, lengthy, organized, systematic searches which can usually only be carried out by institutions (too often, individuals are only able to search for a weekend or a week if lucky, but not for the months likely required -- obviously there are now exceptions).
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