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Sunday, April 22, 2007


-- Happy Earth Day --

April 22, 2007:

No IBWO news at the moment; so just Happy Earth Day !!

Tomorrow, the annual convention of the American Birding Association opens in Lafayette, Louisiana for a week --- despite the location, no full-fledged Ivory-bill presentations on the agenda.

From elsewhere on the Web :

senior citizen" Whooping Crane dies:


...want a better sense of just how small we are, read on:


And moving to yet a totally different arena, a couple of newsbits of note here:




In terms of "no news", what about the reports that Harrison saw one in February of this year? See this article from The Huntsville Times, quoting:

Harrison, who has seen the elusive ivory-bill six times now (most recently in February), is raising money for full-time search efforts through the Ivory Billed Woodpecker Foundation. Contact him at [phone numbers listed there] to help.

He had claimed five previously, I believe, so I guess this is a new claimed sighting. (See this article in Audubon Magazine, where the last one of five he claimed was in 2004.)

Funny, I don't see any mention of this sighting on ibwfound.org, even on the news page. You would think it would be on the latter--the last update was from November 2006. I guess Bobby has just been too busy searching and raising money to give people any details.
well, there have been claimed sightings, including more recent then Feb., but without additional details, let alone a photograph, I'm not deeming any of them newsworthy for the moment...
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