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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Saturday, December 23, 2006


-- Sorry For the Confusion --

In response to inquiries:

Friday afternoon birdingisnotacrime blog posted a link to an article by master-birder Jim Stevenson written for the latest Galveston Ornithological Society newsletter in which Jim claims an encounter with a pair of Ivory-bills in the late 1970's and finding feathers "proving" their existence in 1986:

http://web.mac.com/rmcpeak/iWeb/Site/Gulls%20n%20Herons.html (download the "winter 06" edition)

I was in the process of trying to verify the account when I chose to quickly post the link based on Stevenson's superb reputation/credentials and the fear that many people leaving for the holidays might not get back to the internet before Tue. Usually these sorts of stories can be validated as real or bogus in short order. After 45 mins. though I was unable to validate the story and because elements of it didn't ring true (while other elements sounded quite credible) I replaced my original post with a retraction/disclaimer until I could investigate further. A day later I still cannot corroborate the authenticity of the tale Jim weaves --- nothing I've heard thus far fully convinces me the story is real, but more importantly nothing so far convinces me it is bogus (and in response to inquiries have again posted the link above, so you may take it as you wish for now). I'm still checking out some things. When/if I know more, you'll know more...

I will say that for some of us the article is a bit of a moot point anyway since it only pinpoints IBWOs as existing in the '70s and possibly into the '80s --- pretty much a given if you read the literature fully, objectively, open-mindedly, scientifically. The only lingering question for some is whether the species was yet around in the 90's and still today, and on that score the Stevenson account has little direct bearing.

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