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Sunday, December 17, 2006


-- AR. Story --

For some reason a recent Ivory-bill sighting by two government workers in Arkansas (in the Cache River area) is getting a lot of press/internet play. The details, as given, don't appear much better than any number of other sightings from the last year that didn't garner much publicity:


They are claiming a female bird (which is significant), and the sighting does include the specific tree the bird was working on prior to flight, which opens the remote possibility of a feather or droppings being found, or gouges/scrapings left behind for measurement, but otherwise it's unclear why this particular sighting is getting such coverage (is Cornell 'pushing' it?). Possibly there are other, thus far unreleased details, or more likely the press is simply running with it due to hunger in some circles for positive Ivory-bill news. But hey, there is plenty of time ahead for that...

Is'nt this the same story smeone sent you last week?
yes, SAME story, which I didn't believe deserved a blog post (many stories/rumors that cross my desk I never post about); but as AP picked up the story and it was published in news outlets all across the country this weekend decided I couldn't entirely ignore it. One would hope there's more details to it though than what's been reported.
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