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Thursday, October 12, 2006


-- This 'n That --

In an odd quirk of timing yesterday, after I'd posted a link to some previous John Arvin IBWO articles (in Texas), John posted a new update to his "chronicles" on the TX. birding listserv, here:


Also, I've been informed the contact person I listed yesterday for S.Carolina (Craig Watson) is no longer in that position, although any IBWO-related communication sent to him will get forwarded to the correct individual.

On a different matter, some weeks ago a Cornell email admitted that their final summary report for last season's search was "well overdue," and saying that it was a "joint effort with federal, state, and private agencies," and had to meet all agencies' satisfaction. before release. It will be posted on their site as soon as ready (...hopefully, before the next season begins ; - ) --- maybe, in an odd quirk of timing it will show up tomorrow!


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