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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


-- Field Tech Reminder --

Just a reminder for anyone interested in joining the Auburn group on their winter Florida search (Jan. 2 - May 30, 2007) that they are giving highest consideration to those who apply by OCT. 15th!! Their invitation to applicants reads as follows:
"We are currently taking applications for full-time searchers for the 2006/2007 field season. The minimum time commitment is January 2 to May 30, 2007. Searchers willing to work through Christmas and New Year holidays are also especially needed. Stipend is $1200/mo with no benefits. Anyone willing to join the full-time search without receiving a stipend will get special consideration. Searchers will live in a remote camp in a tent or in a bunkhouse and must purchase their own food. Please send resume, contact info for two references, and a page summarizing why you want to be part of the search, your level of physical fitness, and your skills as a kayaker, canoeist, hiker, and birder to Brian Rolek at brianrolekATgmailDOTcom. Applications received before Oct 15, 2006 will get first consideration. "
And for those who aren't able to join the Auburn team but are interested in visiting the general area at some point they list several other locales along the Choctawhatchee worthy of searches here (toward bottom of pg.):


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