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Monday, September 25, 2006


-- The Florida Announcement + Addendum--

The announcement of Ivory-bills found in Florida was, by mistake, briefly posted on the internet today 24 hours earlier than intended. It has since been removed and I assume will be re-posted on Tues. as originally intended. Even though many saw the site and have begun reporting on it, following the original plan I will leave out most details and simpy relay in a general way what will be found there:

multiple sightings of Ivory-bills by multiple individuals, including 10 sightings by one individual alone, have been recorded within a small area on the Florida panhandle over about a 15-month period; these include a clear sighting of a female in flight by Tyler Hicks (as most know, FEMALE sightings are particularly significant in IBWO reports). There have also been a significant number of detections of Ivory-bills by sound, both by humans on site and by automatic recorders. Scrapings and large cavities also recorded.

However, due to the current lack of adequate video/photographic evidence or direct DNA evidence the authors are unable to call their find absolutely definitive at this point in time, although they themselves are confident of the presence of Ivory-bills and obviously searching will proceed this winter. Many skeptics who now have a very vested interest in Ivory-bills never being found or confirmed will no doubt latch onto this lack of videotape to continue their cause. The team involved will be releasing all of their evidence for public perusal (except for the precise location of the sightings, for obvious reasons), and will be further presenting the evidence both in publication form and at the AOU meeting next week. Assuming their IBWO website is re-posted tomorrow I will link to it at that time, possibly with further comment (or I may have no further comment 'til after the AOU presentation).

Addendum: I've been informed the website mistakenly posted today is also an OUTDATED version with some old information; so tomorrow morning please be sure and link to the updated version (I assume this means possibly a new URL).

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