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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


-- Ivory-bill Habitat --

Bill Pulliam has been diligently, patiently employing Terraserver to search out areas of Ivory-bill potential in the 9 primary southern search states. He has now summarized his results at his website below. Good reading (especially if you live in one of these states):


This is just one person's attempt operating from a computer screen -- as he indicates in his post Bill won't mind hearing ideas from other folks directly familiar with these areas; if you think he's left a prime locale out somewhere let him know, or included an area that actually is much poorer, inadequate habitat than might appear on Terraserver, let him know that. The importance of such surveys (besides suggesting areas of interest) I think is in conveying just how much potential little-explored habitat is out there which easily explains how this species could stay out of frequent sight for 60 years and still be with us.

Ok, people, time to get busy. And for crissakes wear some camo this time!
Yeah, because birds really care. Get over yourself. Camo adds nothing to party. I take it you're walking when searching....hmmm...is a walking bush less noticeable than a walking human?
Actually, I have tested it, and when I wear full camo and walk slowly, my chickens do not swarm around me to be fed the way that they normally do when they see me... bird's minds work differently than ours. Whatever they though I was, they didn't react to me like they react to a person.

Admitedly, chickens are especially STUPID birds
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