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Friday, March 17, 2006


-- And the Harrison Video --

Quite awhile back Bobby Harrison announced having captured a very brief Ivory-bill video in the Big Woods that didn't sound very promising and quickly dropped from the radar screen. So I was intrigued today when in a post on her blog "Birdchick" wrote:
"I had dinner with Bobby Harrison tonight, he's doing well but is very tired from his time in the swamp as well as speaking schedule. We have some new audio of Bobby at Eagle Optics.com about some of the video he has taken. I watched it tonight, and quite frankly, it's more compelling to me as ivory-bill evidence than the Luneau video. I wonder why Cornell isn't promoting or using it more as part of the ivory-bill research?"

When I inquired of her if this was the same clip originally alluded to in the press, she responded it was and that when slowed down and viewed frame-by-frame reiterated finding it "compelling" (though certainly not the cover shot everyone craves).
Would someone wake me up when they find the bird.....
We have some new audio of Bobby at Eagle Optics.com about some of the video he has taken..

Has the world gone mad??? Posting a link to audio evidence of video evidence?!

There are enough people just talking about video now and, more importantly, a rapidly increasing number of people who feel that some academic and conervation groups will use shaky data for their own agendas and fund raising.

If Bobby Harrison doesn't go to the press in the next week saying that the discussion about the Luneau video is now moot because of his more compelling video of IBWO, then he is not serious about saving the species - or he doesn't have more compelling video.
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