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Monday, November 23, 2015


-- Heading Into Winter --


Just a quick update to say I've heard from two of the recipients of Dean Hurliman's M-A-A-ARVELOUS Ivory-bill sculptures. Delighted that they found good, worthy homes!
And I believe Dean plans to do one more batch of them sometime next year so stay tuned if you were wanting one and missed out.

Otherwise, just Happy Holidays to all, and I'll leave you with a couple of entertaining videos... the first is just various woodpeckers foraging (the caption for some reason, includes "Ivory-billed Woodpecker," but of course they aren't included), and the second is a Pileated Woodpecker having a face-off with a chipmunk!:

Just a bit of probable nitpicking there, CT: I don't think that's a chipmunk, but rather its larger cousin, the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel (Callospermophilus lateralis). Chipmunks are generally classified as (Tamias spp. although older taxonomies list three genera.

The key is the size and the lack of a striped face,. I managed a good screen cap--I can send it to you if you want--that's pretty self-evident.
Hi Conc., not sure... it does look largish, but I think there is some hint of striping around eyes. More importantly, the clip was supposedly shot in North Ontario (Canada), out-of-range for GMGS (according to Wikipedia at least). The uploader called it a chipmunk and that was the sole reason for my designation.
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