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Sunday, September 13, 2015


-- Where Oh Where --


Used to hear privately from folks doing occasional independent searches, but have heard very little in last year-or-more, and am curious what (if any) areas might still be getting checked (that aren't being reported on the Web)... even if you've seen nothing worth reporting.  So if any searchers have looked, even for just a weekend or two, in say the last 12 months, I'd like to get a better sense of which locales were involved... or, if someone has definite unannounced search plans for the coming winter months.

Am especially surprised to have heard almost nothing from the Congaree (S.C.), or classic sites like the Apalachicola (FL.), Atchafalaya (LA.), or Big Thicket (TX.) in last year (since I know individuals do still occasion those spots). But there are plenty of other areas as well, or if you've looked in some more offbeat region (western Tenn., SE Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama...) I'd be curious to know of that.  Email:  cyberthrush[AT]gmail.com

p.s... those folks who have written in the past to tell me of their IBWO sightings in Canada, Massachusetts, New York, Washington state, Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado... probably don't need to update me ;-)

I would very much like to see some dedicated, documented efforts in Congaree NP. Cornell rated the habitat there very favorably for the IBWO, I believe.
I've not been particularly hopeful about S.C., but yes, MANY others consider the Congaree the best habitat around, including some very intriguing encounters there in the last decade, so am surprised to have heard so little from there in the last couple yrs.
I agree CT. There have been some very intriguing reports from Congaree (including one from a former skeptic on the park staff). But I'm not optimistic about SC – too much habitat fragmentation and not enough connectivity with other potential populations. Congaree is a spectacular place, probably the largest parcel that approximates the Tanner model anywhere. Worth an extended visit and some time in the backcountry IBWO or not.
still looking in IL when I get the chance. Had a report in Calhoun county north of St Louis. Search there has actually brought in more big foot sightings reported than Ibwo. They could certainly be there, though. Very wild.

Jesse R. Gilsdorf
thanks for checking in Jesse; S.Illinois was the sort of off-the-beaten-track area I was a bit curious to hear from.
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