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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday, October 26, 2014


-- Passing Time --


Don't know when (if) there will be any major IBWO news to come along, but for now will simply refer readers here to the two ongoing searches already linked to:

Project Coyote has put up several new postings in last couple of months:  http://projectcoyoteibwo.com/

Additionally, they also have a Facebook page here:

And Chris Carlisle's Mississippi search continues with reports here:

Those appear to be the only ongoing searches with a Web presence. I continue to hear from brief forays into traditional IBWO search areas, but of course those have tailed off considerably by now, and are turning up nothing I've heard of.

Meanwhile, indefatigable Mike Collins has put up yet another YouTube recounting of his first 2006 video encounter with the big woodpecker (as best I recall this was the initial encounter that brought a lot of attention to Mike's efforts):

Otherwise, not execting to hear much new before the Jan.-Mar. winter period... and quite possibly, nothing then.

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