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Friday, March 07, 2014


Florida etc.


(via Eric Gaba/WikimediaCommons)
We're into IBWO breeding season and a handful of folks are doing a week+ long search of some central Florida locales starting next week. Coincidentally, a poster at IBWO Researchers Forum chose now to mention an IBWO encounter in the Choctawhatchee (which he continues to visit) 2 years back:


Where is Tyler Hicks when we need him? ;-) ...Actually, last time I checked, Tyler's interests seemed turned more toward butterflies than birds, and oddly (disappointingly?) his home page barely makes mention of his Ivory-bill work/claims: http://thingswithwings.org/index.html

Anyway, Florida certainly remains a key state for searching along with Louisiana (and I still think Mississippi remains under-searched). Occasionally still get updates (but no success) from folks looking in Texas, and even Georgia and Alabama; but oddly, haven't heard anything for quite sometime from the Arkansas Big Woods, where this all started, or South Carolina's Congaree, which many (not me, but others) deemed the best remaining IBWO habitat. I assume that there are indeed individuals continuing to visit those areas in search of IBWO… you don't need to report anything positive, but if any individuals can confirm time/effort/interest at least still being expended in those areas would love to hear of it.
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