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Friday, May 24, 2013


-- Possible Tragedy --


Just a quick, potentially sad side-note to pass along (as some here would want to know)....

A notice from Cornell today reports that Chris Dennis, Cornell student and son of John Dennis Jr. (and grandson of John Dennis Sr., of Ivory-bill fame) is still missing after his canoe capsized on Cayuga Lake on Wednesday:


If by any chance you live in the area and can assist in the search, contact information is given above.

--> 5/27/13 Update: by the end of today (Mon.), sadly, there has still been NO conclusion to the disappearance of Chris Dennis while canoeing last Wed.  A blog is posting updates here:


And I'll also post any significant news as updates onto this post as well.
Yes, this is very sad. I spent several hours on Thursday helping with the search, by boat and later in a small plane. We flew up and down the entire length of Cayuga Lake, then spent two hours crisscrossing back and forth above the search area, scanning every floating piece of debris with binoculars, but found nothing. On Friday afternoon, I searched along the shore of the lake, but the weather was so bad, with rain and strong winds, it looked more like a raging sea, and the search was suspended.
Thanks for the update Tim. Our thoughts go out to the Dennis family and the entire extended Cornell family.
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